Afghanistan- 82nd Airborne

I have had the honor to make these cookies for a very loved husband/soldier that is currently deployed in Afghanistan. This is his 8th deployment that he has been sent on.

Out of all of the orders I have made this was definitely the order I have been the most excited about (don’t get me wrong I’m excited about ALL of my custom orders, but) since I am also a military wife this order hit home.

Included: E6 patch, a variety of airplanes, 82nd Airborne patch and a few hearts for her sweetheart!!

82nd Airborne

Packaged and ready for Afghanistan

Packaged and ready for Afghanistan

E6 and airplanes

Hearts for a deployed sweetheart

82nd Airborne


Gluten Free Cookies???? Can I get an OMG!

Ok peeps…. I’m going to be working on a gluten free (but still yummy) sugar cookie recipe.

Who out there would like to be a guinea pig??????